MM Wave Adaptors

You can find just some of our products below. If you can’t find what you are looking for or require a bespoke product please contact the team.

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  • BA5581-1NN-100P

    1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5581-1BK-100P

    1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5580-1NN-100P

    1.85mm (M) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5580-1BK-100P

    1.85mm (M) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5579-1NN-100P

    1.85mm (M) to 1.85mm (M)

  • BA5806-1NN-100P

    2.4mm (F) to 2.4mm (F)

  • BA5806-1BK-100P

    2.4mm (F) to 2.4mm (F) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5806-1FL-100P

    2.4mm (F) to 2.4mm (F) (PANEL MOUNT)

  • BA5808-1NN-100P

    2.4mm (M) to 2.4mm (F)

  • BA5661-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5662-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to 1.85mm (M)

  • BA5643-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to 2.4mm (F)

  • PlaceholderBA5643-1FL-100P

    2.92mm (F) to 2.4mm (F) (PANEL MOUNT)

  • BA5645-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to 2.4mm (M)

  • BA5556-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to SMA (F)

  • BA5554-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to SMA (M)

  • BA5552-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to SMP (F)

  • BA5551-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to SMP (M) Full Detent

  • BA5546-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (F) to SSMA (M)

  • BA5660-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5663-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to 1.85mm (M)

  • BA5644-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to 2.4mm (F)

  • BA5666-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to 2.4mm (M)

  • BA5811-2NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to 2.92mm (F) (RIGHT ANGLE)

  • BA5810-2NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to 2.92mm (M) (RIGHT ANGLE)

  • BA5555-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to SMA (F)

  • BA5553-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to SMA (M)

  • BA5550-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to SMP (F)

  • BA5549-1NN-101P

    2.92mm (M) to SMP (M) Limited Detent

  • BA5549-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to SMP (M) Full Detent

  • BA5547-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to SSMA (F)

  • BA5545-1NN-100P

    2.92mm (M) to SSMA (M)

  • BA5652-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5654-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to 1.85mm (M)

  • BA5621-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to 2.4mm (F)

  • BA5623-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to 2.4mm (M)

  • BA5564-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to 2.92mm (F)

  • PlaceholderBA5564-1FL-100P

    3.5mm (F) to 2.92mm (F)

  • BA5562-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to 2.92mm (M)

  • BA5560-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to SMA (F)

  • BA5558-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (F) to SMA (M)

  • BA5653-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5655-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to 1.85mm (M)

  • BA5622-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to 2.4mm (F)

  • BA5624-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to 2.4mm (M)

  • BA5563-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to 2.92mm (F)

  • BA5561-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to 2.92mm (M)

  • BA5559-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to SMA (F)

  • BA5557-1NN-100P

    3.5mm (M) to SMA (M)

  • BA5630-1NN-100P

    APC-7 to 3.5mm (F)

  • A5631-1NN-100P

    APC-7 to 3.5mm (M)

  • BA5572-1NN-100P

    N-Type (F) to 2.4mm (F)

  • BA5570-1NN-100P

    N-Type (F) to 2.4mm (M)

  • BA5574-1NN-100P

    N-Type (F) to 2.92mm (M)

  • BA5932-1NN-100P

    N-Type (F) to 3.5mm (F)

  • BA5571-1NN-100P

    N-Type (M) to 2.4mm (F)

  • BA5569-1NN-100P

    N-Type (M) to 2.4mm (M)

  • BA5575-1NN-100P

    N-Type (M) to 2.92mm (F)

  • BA5573-1NN-100P

    N-Type (M) to 2.92mm (M)

  • BA5934-1NN-100P

    N-Type (M) to 3.5mm (F)

  • BA5656-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5658-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (F) to 1.85mm (M)

  • BA5544-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (F) to SMA (F)

  • BA5543-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (F) to SMA (M)

  • BA5542-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (F) to SSMA (F)

  • BA5540-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (F) to SSMA (M)

  • BA5657-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (M) to 1.85mm (F)

  • BA5658-1NN-101P

    Precision 2.4mm (M) to 1.85mm (M)

  • BA5807-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (M) to 2.4mm (M)

  • BA5616-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (M) to SMA (F)

  • BA5617-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (M) to SMA (M)

  • BA5541-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (M) to SSMA (F)

  • BA5539-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.4mm (M) to SSMA (M)

  • BA5809-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (F) to 2.92mm (F)

  • BA5809-1BK-101P

    Precision 2.92mm (F) to 2.92mm (F) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5809-1BK-102P

    Precision 2.92mm (F) to 2.92mm (F) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5809-1BK-103P

    Precision 2.92mm (F) to 2.92mm (F) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5809-1FL-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (F) to 2.92mm (F) (PANEL MOUNT)

  • BA5809-1FL-101P

    Precision 2.92mm (F) to 2.92mm (F) (PANEL MOUNT)

  • BA5548-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (F) to SSMA (F)

  • BA5811-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (M) to 2.92mm (F)

  • BA5811-1BK-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (M) to 2.92mm (F) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5811-1FL-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (M) to 2.92mm (F) (PANEL MOUNT)

  • BA5810-1NN-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (M) to 2.92mm (M)

  • BA5810-1BK-100P

    Precision 2.92mm (M) to 2.92mm (M) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5549-1NN-102P

    Precision 2.92mm (M) to SMP (M) Smooth

  • BA5812-1BK-100P

    Precision 3.5mm (F) to 3.5mm (F) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5812-1BK-101P

    Precision 3.5mm (F) to 3.5mm (F) (BULKHEAD MOUNT)

  • BA5812-1FL-100P

    Precision 3.5mm (F) to 3.5mm (F) (PANEL MOUNT)

  • BA5812-1FL-101P

    Precision 3.5mm (F) to 3.5mm (F) (PANEL MOUNT)

  • BA5812-2NN-100P

    Precision 3.5mm (F) to 3.5mm (F) (RIGHT ANGLE)

  • BA5814-1NN-100P

    Precision 3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm (F)

  • BA5814-2NN-100P

    Precision 3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm (F) (RIGHT ANGLE)

  • BA5813-1NN-100P

    Precision 3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm (M)

  • BA5813-2NN-100P

    Precision 3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm (M) (RIGHT ANGLE)

  • BA5576-1NN-100P

    Precision N-Type (F) to 2.92mm (F)

  • BA5935-1NN-100P

    Precision N-Type (M) to 3.5mm (M)

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